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ITL Ltd (ASX:ITD) – Updated 29th March, 2017

ITL Ltd (ASX:ITD) is a diversified medical technology company that develops and manufactures blood banking and laboratory sampling systems, blood pressure monitoring devices and custom procedure packs.

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About Us

Capital H Research started as Capital H Management – a platform for Capital H to share its views and opinions on various companies. The website was later transformed into Capital H Research to better reflect the purpose of the website.

Capital H is not a financial adviser and will never provide financial advice. None of the research or views expressed on this website is in anyway financial advice and should not be interpreted as such. The content of this website is purely for informational and entertainment purposes only. All members are required to agree to our Terms and Conditions. Our research and opinions should not influence your own investment decision. We strongly suggest that you seek professional advice before making any financial or investment decision.

The information is general in nature and intended purely for entertainment purposes. You will never find any advice, recommendations or stock tips on this website.

Capital H Research Pty Ltd and Capital H Management Pty Ltd are part of the Capital H Group of Companies.


I’ve followed Harley’s investing from early on and he has consistently picked good value, growth companies well before brokers and funds became aware of them. As a result his returns have been incredibly strong, beating the market by a considerable margin.

– Nathan Harber –Private Investor

Harley is a very talented investor who has that rare ability to identify growth opportunities in companies before other investors in the market perceive the opportunity. Harley undertakes a significant amount of due diligence on any investment he makes and can also express the opportunity concisely with other investors. He has achieved a formidable track record investing in small-caps and will continue to find undervalued high growth opportunities in the future. Harley is also very entrepreneurial and has success in running small businesses and CapitalH is yet another example of this.

– Mark Devcich –Head of Research, Pie Funds

I have known Harley for many years and have been continually impressed by his diligence, focus, and ability to research & analyse worthwhile investments. Time & again he has offered up carefully researched reports in well presented & easy to follow formats.

– Dennis Lee –Private Investor


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